Founded in 2010, Adwaita’s business is online trading and international trade. Relying on the advantage of manufacturing and convenient transportation near Pearl River Delta, with great experience on on line trading, Adwaita has already grown into the leading trade company in China. With highly trusted and well recognized for our commitment to quality. we enjoy a reputation for reliability earned over the years both within China, HK and to rest of the world.

Now Adwaita is following the O2O strategy by bringing world class online trading portal with traditional entity shop. The buyer can get comprehensive details of products online or even can visit exhibition halls offline. O2O takes the advantages of the perfect combination of online and offline platform. Through online shopping platform, it achieves the landing of online sales to offline. Allowing consumers to enjoy online pricing, while being able to enjoy the offline personal service. O2O mode takes full advantage of the Internet by cross-regional, border-less, mass information, mass user’s strengths, while fully tap the offline resources, and thus facilitate transactions online and offline users of goods and services.

Our Vision

To enrich and delight every family through Adwaita Product.

Our Mission

To ensure Continued Success through the quality products, excellent service and unmatched customer care.

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is central to our work and the value we deliver to our customers. From Adwaita management team to every employee and partner, a common and essential shared value is a commitment to providing the best quality products and services to every customer.

At Adwaita, quality is a must, a pre-requisite for success.