Velev USB Lamp Touch Switch (Blue)

Material: PU

Original: China

Available  Size: 140mm*42mm*32mm



Catalog Number:VLUSBL-001


  • Adopt to USB devices: Computer, Power Bank, Laptop, Charger.
  • Turn on or Turn off ? Just by touch. We design a special ON/OFF switch at the silicon shell. Just hold the silicone shell, and you can turn it on/off, never need to assemble the lamb with the power bank in the darkness any more !
  • Want the a new charge cable? Just separate it. The cable can also be used alone for your phone or any other devices. ( Note: The USB line is for charging the android micro only)
  • Comfortable warm light with silicone lamb shell avoids the direct line which well protect eyes from the strong light. Use it for reading, camping, or night stand lamp.
  • Cute mushroom design brings you good mood. Low power consumption 0.85w, 5v, 500mAh. Cable length: 140mm. Lamp Diameter: 42mm. Lamp Height: 32mm

* Unit size 42*32mm

* Material , silicone & ABS

* Warm color LED light

* Color temperature 3K

* 5pcs white LED light

* Micro USB power supply

* Power, +5V 500mAh

* Touch Turn on/off design



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