Adwaita PP Light Weighted Foldable Hangers

Material: PP

Original: China

Available  Size: folding size (L x W): 5.12″ x 3.03″;fully unfolding size: 17.32″ x 5.12″

Application:For Storage


Catalog Number:ADFH001



  • 100% New PP Material: Adwaita travel folding hangers are made of 100% new PP material with high tensile strength, resilience and semi-transparent appearance, nice looking and environmental friendly.
  • SUITABLE FOR BOTH BABIES AND ADULTS: Half folded for baby’s clothes; Unfolded for adults clothes. Full folded for convenient taking, saving the space in your luggage.
  • ANTI-SKID DESIGN: Anti-skid grooves hold the clothes firmly. Aluminum alloy made rivets will never rust.
  • Great choice for home, hotel, camping, car, travelling or schools.
  • Randomly packed with 4 colors*2: neon-yellow, hot pink, blue, green, purple. Size for each one folding size (L x W): 5.12″ x 3.03″;fully unfolding size: 17.32″ x 5.12″. Weight: 1 oz. Set of 8 pieces.

Why shall we choose 100% New PP as our raw material?
PP is one of the lightest plastic, a single folding hanger only weights 1 oz, you can put several of them in the luggage without taking much room or weight.
PP is also an environmental friendly material which is widely used in babies’ nursing bottle. It is absolutely free of harmful chemicals and obnoxious odors.
You can put them together with your clothes without worrying about any unhealthy problems.

Why shall we recommend semi-transparent plastic?
To make the hangers as semi-transparent, not only for their charming appearance,but also because we are using 100% New Material and rejecting any recycle plastic.
Please Note that Adwaita foldable hangers are semi-transparent with nice pink, real neon yellow, blue, purple, green color. If you like our product, please add them into the cart now.
Product Features
-Absolutely Odorless
-Great tensile strength-Can use for a long time
-Foldable-suitable for both babies and adults.
-Anti-skid design


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